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Our proprietary process of coding medical malpractice cases captures clinical and legal elements embedded in your professional liability cases to accurately pinpoint the individual practice and system breakdowns at the root of the alleged medical error. The insight gained through this taxonomy provides clear evidence to drive patient safety initiatives.

Download in-depth evaluations of current trends in clinical risk and medical malpractice business risks. Topics range from communication failures and risks in the diagnostic process to emergency medicine and obstetrics.

The Power to

Cover image of the CRICO Strategies CBS Report The Power to Predict


Medical Malpractice
in America

Cover image of report, Medical Malpractice in America


Malpractice Risks

Cover image of report, Medication-related Malpractice Risks, showing a hand holding an assortment of pills


Malpractice Risks
in Communication

Image of report cover, Malpractice Risks in Communication Failures


Malpractice Risks
in the
Diagnostic Process

Image of report cover, Malpractice Risks in the Diagnostic Process, showing a doctor listening to a patient's breathing using a stethescoe


Malpractice Risks in

Image of report cover, Malpractice Risks in Emergency Medicine, that shows a  clinician wearing blue scrubs working on a patient who is lying down

Malpractice Risks
in Obstetrics

Image of report cover, Malpractice Risks in Obstetrics, that shows an image of a man holding a woman's hand who is delivering a baby


We have more than 40-years of experience with this dataset. CBS is different than other MPL datasets in that it also includes coded open and closed-without-pay claims. This, coupled with our proprietary coding system, enables organizations to get at the root cause level of error and factors that drive indemnity payments.

Mark E. Reynolds President and CEO, CRICO

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