Organizations participate in the Comparative Benchmarking System (CBS) and its Community because they are trying to advance in their use of data and analytics to inform their business and clinical decisions. We support clients along their journey as they advance to their ideal.

Client Maturity Model Process

Every client—or CBS Member—receives dedicated client management expertise from Strategies staff to help advance them in their journey—at their own pace. Our experts use a proprietary client maturity model process to identify with the client where they are and how far they want to advance in the areas of:

  • Data
  • Analytics
  • Patient Safety
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Core Business (Underwriting, Claims)

When we begin working with an organization, it may enter our CBS Community at a different place along the maturity model continuum. Our Strategies staff lead and guide members toward success taking into account their available resources and goals. Through this collaborative process, organizations are poised to become the data-informed companies they strive to be.

Image of the CRICO Strategies Client Maturity Model Process with columns representing Stand, Walk, Run, Fly, and rows representing Data, Analytics, Patient Safety, Stakeholder Engagement, and Core Business


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About Us

There’s safety in numbers.

Our goal is to unite the medical and insurance communities into a single voice with reliable and actionable data as our shared language. Let’s work together to advance your business and protect your stakeholders. Partner with CRICO Strategies and we’ll strengthen your organization’s ability to reduce medical malpractice risks with powerful analytics of more than 400,000 cases of harm and loss and expertise that help get results.
Specialty societies are hungry for data, and even as more data like these are published, the specialists are asking for more. CRICO Strategies and its CBS database provide an extremely valuable service to our company as we seek to learn about the causes of patient injury and to position ourselves as “thought leaders” in health care. Our partnership is becoming more and more valuable to The Doctors Company.

Darrell Ranum, JD The Doctors Company