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Our Comparative Benchmarking System (CBS) is a database of coded medical professional liability (MPL) claims that provides a wide lens on drivers of patient harm and financial losses.

Our analytical tools enable health care and insurance leaders to zero in on why patients are harmed and how they can prevent it.  

Our vibrant national community of like-minded health care and MPL insurance experts enables collaboration and ignites action for patient safety and provider protection. 



Precision Patient Safety

Deep understanding.

We understand the complex interplay between patients, families, and providers in settings ranging from urban academic medical centers to rural critical access hospitals, in large practice groups to solo practices, and everything in between.

Broad Perspective.

We have clinical and legal perspective on what can lead to devastating medical—and financial—outcomes, and capture hundreds of data points on each MPL case in our database, enabling comparison with peer organizations nationwide. 

Actionable Insights and Measurable Outcomes.   

A CBS Partnership provides a multidimensional view of risk across hundreds of organizations just like yours, amplifying your understanding and enabling action to measurably improve the effectiveness of your patient safety improvements. Read some client case studies.

By studying the past, we can help change the future.

Powerful Analytics

Reliable intelligence for proven results.  

Understanding specific factors that have contributed to harm in organizations similar to yours enables you to architect comprehensive and deeply informed patient safety solutions.  

Comparative Benchmarking System Dashboards: Providing MPL clinical, legal and financial data, with visual comparisons to your unique peers, you can access:

  • actionable data at your fingertips
  • easy-to-use data visualizations
  • trends for your most recent individual claims
  • clinical and financial peer comparisons

Comparative Benchmarking System: Easy-to-use reporting tool enables comparative analysis of your organization's experience.

  • volume and rate-based comparisons by specialty, case type, setting, and more
  • understand relative frequency of cases at service and specialty level 
  • compare frequency of key issues in your organization versus your peers

Comprehensive Risk Intelligence Tool (CRIT): Powerful analytic and visualization tool enables deep understanding of your organization's MPL claims.

  • hundreds of data fields for detailed analysis
  • powerful search capabilities to gather similar cases for study
  • direct access to individual case descriptions for deeper understanding and teaching

Learn more about the CBS Data Tools.

Vibrant Community

Renowned Experts. Collaborative Peers.

CRICO Strategies grew from its roots within in the Harvard medical community into a national network of leading hospitals, health care organizations, and MPL insurers.

In joining us as a member, our network of renowned experts in patient safety and insurance become your collaborative peers.

Together, we are united into a single voice with reliable, actionable data as our shared language for promoting safety and protecting our providers.  

Community features:

  • Regular convenings with peers in patient safety, claims management, and underwriting

  • Bi-monthly educational webinars on key topics

  • In-person and virtual platforms for education, discussion and networking  

Learn more about the CBS Community.


Join us in finding safety in numbers. 

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As a tool to improve health care, medical professional liability data has two key values: qualitative details and financial context. Demonstrating that we've spent millions on cases related to a given problem over the last five years, makes it easier when asking that we spend one-tenth of that to fix it.

David L. Feldman, MD Chief Medical Officer, HRA

Specialty societies are hungry for data, and even as more data like these are published, the specialists are asking for more. CRICO Strategies and its CBS database provide an extremely valuable service to our company as we seek to learn about the causes of patient injury and to position ourselves as "thought leaders" in health care. Our partnership is becoming more and more valuable to The Doctors Company.

Darrell Ranum, JD Regional Vice President, Patient Safety, The Doctors Company