The three broad diagnostic phases examined in the report were:

  • initial diagnostic assessment
  • testing and results processing, and
  • follow up and coordination

2014 CRICO Strategies National CBS Report

The 2014 CBS Report examines more than 4,700 diagnosis-related malpractice cases that demonstrate the pitfalls that put patients at risk of a missed or significantly delayed diagnosis. This Report addresses, most notably, where in the clinician’s thought process mistakes are most likely to occur. Organizations striving to understand these issues have the opportunity to dig deeper into what triggers diagnosis-related claims through the analysis provided in this Report. Our CBS taxonomy—used to code medical malpractice claims included in CBS—enables data analyses along the Diagnostic Process of Care that helps identify where the breakdowns most commonly occur. This information can provide a road map for organizations to address these vulnerabilities.

Download CBS Report: Malpractice Risks in the Diagnostic Process