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Amplifire logoWe are proud to announce our partnership with the Amplifire Healthcare Alliance, which is a collaboration of prestigious health systems including some of our CBS Members such as Partners Health and Medstar Health; and others such as Intermountain Health, Banner, Texas Health and many other leading systems.

Addressing COVID-19

We are all preparing for the rapidly expanding demand facing the U.S. health system due to the spread of SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19. We must keep our frontline staff safe and available, while also protecting their families, all patients being served, and the community at large. Frontline worker infection not only poses a personal threat but will also constrain vital capacity precisely when we need our caregivers to be healthy and at work.

Easing Fears and Enhancing Capabilities of Our Frontline Caregivers

Our frontline caregivers have rational fears about their own safety and are eager to update their knowledge and skills and they serve on the front line.

Acknowledging the Reality of Knowledge Gaps

As devoted and skilled as our frontline caregivers are, national data shows very high rates of error and risk associated with Infection Prevention and Control. By quickly validating and refreshing critical knowledge, healthcare providers and frontline staff will have greater confidence and competence at this critical time.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

There is simply no time for classroom training or lectures. PowerPoint decks, posters and flyers will not get it done. We need a highly targeted, extremely efficient tool for validating knowledge transfer at scale.

The Problem

Knowledge gaps occur every day in health care settings

The Centers for Disease Control is recommending refresher training on Infection Prevention and Control Essentials for all frontline health care workers as we further address the COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

And for good reason…In Summer 2018, Krein et al., published a study in JAMA Internal Medicine in which researchers monitored the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and transmission-based precautions behaviors of healthcare workers.1

Observation took place in 325 rooms. They documented 283 failures to follow PPE protocols and transmission-based precautions. The study showed that with high frequency, frontline health care workers either didn’t do what they needed to do to preserve a protective barrier, or they did what they must not do.

Knowledge gaps occur every day in health care settings. They will be starkly revealed by this crisis. We cannot take on a global pandemic effectively if our frontline health care workers are part of the spreading mechanism, or not able to come to work because they are themselves sick.

The Course

The course will provide refresher training recommended for all frontline health care workers by the CDC

Estimated time to complete:  18-23 minutes

Essential Infection Prevention and Control Content

  • Proper application (donning) and removal (doffing) of PPE
  • Safe response to PPE shortages
  • Respirator indications (selection, allocation, proper use, extended use, and reuse)
  • Hand hygiene
  • Isolation and Transmission-Based Precautions (including Standard, Contact, Droplet, and Airborne)
  • Environmental surface contamination
  • Proper cleaning and disinfection of patient areas

COVID-19 Specific Content

  • Clarifying Interim Guidelines from CDC, FDA, OSHA, CMS, and relevant regulatory bodies
  • COVID-19 signs and symptoms
  • Population susceptibility
  • Asymptomatic transmission

Course Collaborators

This course was developed by the leadership of the Amplifire Clinical Innovation Advisory Board, in close collaboration of the ECRI Institute and multiple top clinical infection prevention experts around the country.

ECRI Collaborators

  • Brigitta Mueller, MD, MHCM, MSJ, FAAP: Executive Director, Patient Safety, Risk, and Quality
  • Andrew Furman, MD: Executive Director, Clinical Excellence
  • James Davis, MSN, RN, CCRN, HEM, FAPIC: Sr. Infection Prevention Analyst, Risk Management Group
  • Paul Anderson: Editorial Director, Risk Management Publications

Additional Course Collaborators

  • Kathy Wayre: Founder, Infection Prevention Partners
  • Hudson Garrett Jr., PhD, MSN, MPH, FNP-BC, PLNC, CDONA, IP-BC, AS-BC, VA-BC, CPPS, CFER, FNAP, President & CEO, Community Health Associates
  • Maureen Spencer, M.Ed, BSN, RN, CIC, FAPIC, Former Director, Infection Control Unit, Massachusetts General Hospital


This course can be rapidly deployed to a workforce of thousands with minimal interaction with your IT department. Amplifire has extensive experience doing this. With more than 2.3 billion learner interactions to date, Amplifire has been helping hospitals improve on-the-job performance of their clinicians and other staff members since 2015.

Direct Deployment

  • Extremely fast
  • Scalable to any size workforce; 50 to 50,000 clinicians
  • Caregivers are notified by email that course is available

LMS Integration

  • Completed hundreds of rapid deployments via Learning Management Systems that are in use
  • Seamless integration with every major LMS including: Bridge, Healthstream, and Cornerstone using SCORM, xAPI, or LTI

Cost: $5 per learner (with direct access available)

Given the extraordinary circumstances and urgency, we have partnered with Amplifire to make this course available to CBS Members and their affiliates at a price of $5/learner. This includes delivery of the content using Amplifire’s adaptive learning platform, as well as granular analytics and reporting that enable leaders to assess comprehension and risk, before following-up in an individualized fashion (see next page). Amplifire will also allow any expense on this course to be fully credited back to any CBS Member who later deploys these libraries. We are also offering the course without delays for contracting under a simple Statement of Work and through direct access if required.

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In this time of COVID-19, passing out informational flyers and PowerPoint decks, or reminding caregivers about proper PPE usage will not suffice. There is not enough time for classroom training or lectures. We must turn to the most advanced knowledge transfer tools being used by leading health systems for critical training in infection-oriented areas such as Sepsis, C-diff, and CLABSI. With such tools we can rapidly validate that a frontline caregiver understands the most effective infection control practices and the most effective PPE workarounds as supplies run low during this emergency.

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Brent James, MD, Chairman Amplifire Clinical Innovation Advisory Board