Information is the currency of safe care.

Communication is the vehicle to deliver it.


Through the analytic and consultative capabilities of CRICO Strategies and the implementation of the I-PASS solution, hospitals have the data and expertise needed to enact and sustain improved communication initiatives.

Where is the risk?

Communication Risk Assessment

By undergoing an intensive risk assessment and leveraging CBS data hospitals will receive a comprehensive analysis on the root causes of their communication-related vulnerabilities. This baseline analysis provides the framework for implementing I-PASS throughout clinical care areas.

Identify Gaps

  • In-person interviews of leadership and front-line clinicians
  • Uncover successes and vulnerabilities within and among services and departements

What is the problem?

Data Analysis & Benchmarking

CRICO Strategies combines powerful analytic tools with consultative assessment and services to identify key factors involved in patient harm by analyzing medical malpractice data.

Dig Deeper

  • Using CRICO's proprietary taxonomy, pinpoint where communication breaks down, and how
  • Compare data with like-organizations
  • Strategically allocate patient safety resources and reduce your malpractice exposure

Data chart titled, "Top Contributing Factors in Claims Involving Provider-Provider Communication Breakdowns" shows Clinical Judgment has 81%, communication has 81% and documentation has 45%. The n=5,485 and a case may involve more than one contributing factor

How can I improve?

I-PASS Implementation Helps Solve Your Communication Issues

The I-PASS Institute handoff program includes a customized program to meet a hospital’s needs, with access to certified mentors, simulation training on I-PASS, web-based apps to assess adherence, and customization of written handoff tools integrated into the electronic health record.


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This partnership speaks to the shared missions of each company working to improve patient safety. CRICO  supported the initial work of the I-PASS Study Group, which has evolved into a product and service to improve handoffs and patient safety, with the added benefit of driving down costs that are associated with medical errors.


Christopher P. Landrigan, MD, MPH Co-founder and Board Member, I-PASS Patient Safety Institute