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September 2020

Journal Article by CRICO Strategies and UMass Memorial Health Care Selected for the ASHRM Writing Excellence Award

The American Society for Healthcare Risk Management (ASHRM) has granted the ASHRM Writing Excellence Award to the journal article, “Harnessing the Power of Medical Malpractice Data to Improve Patient Care,” by authors from CRICO Strategies and UMass Memorial Health Care, Inc. Read more>>

August 2020

CRICO Strategies Wins NESHCo Silver Lamplighter Award for its Online CBS Community

CRICO Strategies wins NESHCo Silver Lamplighter Award for its online CBS Community, a forum created to facilitate communication and sharing of data, tools, and best practices among Strategies' clients. Read more>>

July 2020

New Report Identifies Three Key Clinical Processes that Predict the Likelihood and Amount of Malpractice Indemnity Payments

CRICO Strategies' new Report, The Power to Predict: Leveraging Medical Malpractice Data to Reduce Patient Harm and Financial Loss, identifies which breakdowns in clinical processes are the strongest predictors of indemnity payments in malpractice cases. Read more >

July 2019

New Research Finds One in Three Malpractice Cases with Serious Harm Is Due to Misdiagnosis

Cancer, vascular events, and infection—the “Big three”—account for three-fourths of high-harm, diagnosis-related claims. Read more >

March 2019

PRI of New York Partners with CRICO Strategies

New partnership helps to expand the CBS dataset through the addition of PRI’s claim data. Read more >

February 2019

Medical Malpractice Case Frequency Decreased over 10-year Period

CRICO Strategies releases a sweeping report about the state of medical professional liability insurance in America: CBS Report, Medical Malpractice in America: A 10-year Assessment with Insights. Read more >

February 2018

CRICO Strategies and I-PASS Patient Safety Institute Announce Partnership

Partnership aimed at improving communication and reducing medical malpractice risk. Read more >>

June 2017

General Practitioners at Risk of Missing Cardiovascular Disease

Researchers from The Doctors Company and CRICO Strategies looked at 251 closed medical malpractice cases where patients alleged that the general medical practitioner who treated them in an outpatient setting missed a cardiovascular diagnosis. Read more>

CRICO Strategies wins a NESHCo Silver Lamplighter Award for its CBS Report on Communication

Among the winners at NESHCo's 27th Annual Lamplighter Awards was CRICO Strategies which took home a Silver Lamplighter Award for its 2015 CBS Report, Malpractice Risks in Communication Failures. Read more>

May 2017

Opportunities to Reduce Patient Safety Risks Related to Medication Error Identified in New Report

Medication-related errors are common, can cause high-severity injuries, and may be costly. Many organizations have made reducing these errors top priority, including the World Health Organization (WHO), which launched a global effort to halve medication-related errors in five years. A new report issued by CRICO Strategies, Medication-related Malpractice Risks, examines the impact—financial and human—and root causes of medication-related errors. Read more>

April 2017

New Medicolegal Analysis Identifies Risks Associated with Implantable Devices for Pain Management

Researchers at Brigham & Women’s Hospital worked with CRICO Strategies to study complications associated with intrathecal drug delivery systems and spinal cord stimulators. Insights from this study provides a road map for organizations to address these vulnerabilities and reduce patient harm. Read more>

January 2017

SIMED of Puerto Rico joins CRICO Strategies National Comparative Benchmarking System (CBS)

CRICO Strategies is pleased to announce a newly-signed agreement with SIMED of Puerto Rico to become the newest member of its national Comparative Benchmarking System (CBS). Read more>

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Moving the needle on patient safety improvement is hard work. Without compelling data, it is a challenge to know where to focus resources, and it is tough to prove you’ve made a difference. In order to get health care leaders’ attention, to convince clinicians to carve time out of an already overburdened schedule, to motivate insurance providers to fund solutions, you have to show up with credible evidence that you are tackling the right problems. Our Comparative Benchmarking System—or CBS database—and the surrounding expertise enable CRICO and CRICO Strategies members to be proactive and effective in addressing patient safety over the long term across an entire organization.

Mark E. Reynolds President & CEO, CRICO