Shared Missions

Improving patient safety takes a team. Through medical malpractice data, we help organizations identify their vulnerabilities, and determine what is driving them. The next phase involves identifying interventions that will help mitigate the vulnerability. Through our years of working with health care organizations and hospitals to reduce vulnerabilities for loss exposure, we have seen interventions that work. We want our community to be aware of these successful tools and services so we have begun partnerships to help spread the news. Like our CBS Members, these organizations share our passion and dedication to improving patient care.


This partnership is to distribute a rapid infection prevention and control (COVID-19) essentials course.

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This partnership is aimed at improving communication and reducing medical malpractice risk.

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During this critical time of managing COVID-19 patients, a systematic and scalable training solution can help ensure that frontline staff know how to best protect themselves and their patients, which is why partnering with Amplifire makes sense.

Michael Paskavitz Vice President, CRICO Strateiges

This partnership speaks to the shared missions of each company working to improve patient safety. CRICO supported the initial work of the I-PASS Study Group, which has evolved into a product and service to improve handoffs and patient safety, with the added benefit of driving down costs that are associated with medical errors.

Christopher P. Landrigan, MD, MPH Co-founder and Board Member, I-PASS Patient Safety Institute

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