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 Key Findings:

The odds of an MPL case closing with an indemnity payment increase:

    • 145% when a policy/procedure breakdown has occurred during care/treatment,
    • 76% when there are indications of insufficient documentation affecting care,
    • 85% when there are indications of Inadequate patient assessment contributing to an errant diagnosis or substandard treatment.

2020 CRICO Strategies National CBS Report

This CRICO Strategies CBS Report, The Power to Predict: Leveraging Medical Malpractice Data to Reduce Patient Harm and Financial Loss, examines national trends in MPL claims to determine which breakdowns in health care processes (“contributing factors”) indicate the highest odds of an asserted claim or lawsuit closing with a payment.

This study highlights issues that can contribute to adverse events occurring which can lead to allegations of medical malpractice. By understanding the drivers of these claims:

  • Insurers can learn where the biggest financial exposures will be, and why.
  • Patient Safety Leaders gain insights to why adverse events are likely to occur and how to reduce them.
  • Claims Managers can optimize case reserving and pricing decisions.

For the complete analysis, download the free report, The Power to Predict.

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Any one leader—thankfully—sees small numbers of adverse events. Sharing patterns of patient harm and exchanging of best practices for mitigating risk is what we are obliged to do. CBS enables us to fulfill that obligation more effectively.

Elizabeth Mort, MD, MPH Senior Vice President, Quality & Safety
Massachusetts General Hospital