Clinical and financial risk intelligence that saves time, meets regulatory requirements, and requires no IT support.

Your organization relies on you to see through the fog of adverse events and identify the most serious, imminent risks. When you amplify those vulnerabilities to leadership, relying on dynamic, authoritative data helps support your concerns and illuminate a path forward.

For the first time ever, the Candello Discover Clinical Event search engine makes available to you exclusive learning and insights from CRICO Strategies' Comparative Benchmarking System (CBS), which contains one-third of all medical malpractice claims from across the U.S. In seconds, this tool will mine this dataset of deeply coded malpractice claims to help you:

Conduct research for a Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  • Complete quick, easy research for Joint Commission or state-required investigations and root cause analyses (RCA) of serious reportable events (SREs)
  • Easily export data reports to include in your regulatory reporting
  • Use the national trend data to inform and develop your action plans
Be a source of guidance and perspective for your board, leaders, and clinicians
  • Use reliable data to guide difficult conversations with clinicians involved in a serious reportable event "You aren't alone. National data shows X number of medical malpractice cases involved a similar event."
  •  When reporting to your board about a serious reportable events,  provide simple, authoritative national data about what was learned from similar cases and how they resolved
Get ahead of your risks, events, and claims
  • Understand the drivers of a near miss or potentially compensable event (PCE) to make data-informed decisions for resource allocation
  • See trends from national data before you experience them
  • Share your CESE reports with your stakeholders to inspire their confidence and gain their support

Learning from Many

If you experience one adverse patient event, your intervention will address the root causes of that one event. But looking at a larger data set of similar events and the contributing factors driving these events, might help you to see the larger systemic issues.

This new tool enables professionals to query Comparative Benchmarking System (CBS) closed claims data to use in RCAs, presentations, research, and more.

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Use Case: Missed Dx in ED

Situation: You are presenting quality data to Emergency Medicine leaders at your academic medical center and want to include actionable data related to missed diagnoses in the emergency department. 

You query the Candello Discover Clinical Event search engine to gain insights about drivers of risk and harm of diagnosis-related events in the emergency department. Using reliable data will help guide the conversation with your clinical leaders to explore if these are challenges within their department.

Candello Discover Clinical Event Search Engine Query Filters:

  • Event year: all
  • Event type: diagnosis-related
  • Responsible service: emergency
  • Care setting: emergency department
  • Major injury: all


Analyzing the search results, you can start to learn more about diagnosis-related events that occur in the emergency department. For example,  failure to order or delays in ordering diagnostic tests are the number one contributing factor to these kinds of events. You can also see the severity of these cases and the top major injuries that are occurring.

How does this information correlate to what you are experiencing in your emergency department? Perhaps you are concerned about missed or delated diagnoses involving radiology instead of emergency responsible service. You can easily update the Responsible Service to Radiology and see what the drivers of those cases are.

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A great thing about this tool is the ability to obtain instantaneous results, which makes it easy to "browse" the data. We are also using the tool to provide general illustrations of responsible services and to guide more in-depth analysis of our organization's data.

Michael D. Anderson Manager, Patient Safety & Risk Management

Translating data from seemingly unique cases into a clinical process that triggers awareness of clinical vulnerabilities is what brings these stories to life.

Larry Smith Vice President, Risk Management
MedStar Health

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