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Our goal is to unite the medical and insurance communities into a single voice with reliable and actionable data as our shared language. Organizations that use our Comparative Benchmarking System data services have the added value of being a member of the CBS Community where members convene and share best practices about claims management, patient safety, and risk management. The online CBS Community lets you continue conversations from our calls or study groups or query the community on a challenge you might be working on.

CBS Community online features include:

  • Discussion boards
  • Resources including archived presentations from CBS Member calls and webinars
  • Direct access to national CBS Members so you can connect with peers
  • Calendar of CBS Community events

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CBS is a private community for members only. If your organization is a member, we will review your request to join and get back to you. If your organization is not a member, you can learn more about becoming a CBS Member here.

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Over the years, we have gained extraordinary insights from studying patient harm—primarily through CBS data. We share that information with anyone who desires to learn, and use data to advocate for the health care providers and organizations we insure. Increasingly, this data is becoming more relevant to other disciplines within our company. Actuaries, underwriters, claims professionals, and marketing and communications professionals are accessing and used data in their decision-making.

Darrell Ranum, Vice President Patient Safety
The Doctors Company


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